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Toyon Middle School- can type anything here 

slide show and be pics of the school; dances; sportevetnsandything we'd like and can be changed whenever 

Upcoming Events

“MY child LOVEd the dance!”

can type about events on here with photos' that we take and get permission slips signed for....even if its just our kids- anything up here will look great!

can put anything here

can put anything here 

PTC Monthly Meetings 

We invite you to be a part of our PTC monthly meetings. The success of your children greatly increases with your participation in school activities, fundraising events, dances and more. We would love your input!

  • PTC Non- Profit 
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  • can type anything here

Toyon Middle School

~ Parent Teacher Club ~

Connecting Parents/Guardians to their child's educational

experience through a strong community